• Winter (and Diablo III) is coming!

    Hello everyone!
    This site is intended for everyone who was part of our great Diablo II 1.09 HC community. We later founded the guild "United Duelers", to fight together under one banner with the release of 1.10 and the first ladder reset.
    We have seen glory times and times of pain. We have stormed the ladder and fallen down by bug deaths. We have dueled each other as well as the rest of Europe.
    We have wasted our childhood with this game. Now most of us have grown up and still Diablo is the most fascinating game ever.
    As Diablo III is officially announced, let us reunite under a new banner in Diablo III and fight for ladder, items, glory and fame again! And especially for a lot of ears. Let us make something like this happen again:

    Please register and post something in the Tavern subforum, if you remember the old times with us. I would like to see everyone who once had a UD tag here and maybe some new members too. ;-)